High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solutions

With hundreds of installations, PremiumSoft has a proven track record of designing the best hospitality HSIA solutions at the best price with unsurpassed service and support. PremiumSoft provides the best in hard-wired and wireless solutions customized to fit your specific needs. For a complimentary HSIA assessment, please email us at or call us today at (520) 844-1138. For Best Western sites, we use SpeedLinks compliant equipment.

Some of the High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) Solutions provided by PremiumSoft, Inc. are:

In the Hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is the top priority. Guarantee a positive guest experience and defeat the high monthly help desk costs associated with a Wi-Fi only solution by providing hard-wired Internet connectivity to your guest rooms. Since the introduction of High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) in hotels the research is conclusive:  Guests expect a secure, hard-wired connection in their room and view access in common areas such as lobby, pool and conference rooms as an optional convenience. Why send government employees requiring a secure hard-wired connection and others experiencing Wi-Fi reception problems to the competition?

VDSL technology distributes a secure broadband signal to your guest rooms over existing telephone wiring for reliability comparable to CAT5.  A VDSL modem is positioned on the guest room desk, between the wall jack and the telephone, to provide a readily accessible Ethernet connection for the guest PC.  This secure, “hard-wired” connection results in much fewer guest complaints related to problems with the hotel LAN or the guest PC.  You now have a reliable “core” infrastructure with the flexibility of complimenting the wired HSIA with your Wi-Fi Access Points.  Most importantly, the guest now has a convenient option if the Wi-Fi access is problematic (he would no doubt prefer a secure connection anyway).  In any case, the guest experience is positive.

CAT5 provides the most reliable and fastest connection. This is ideal in new building construction, but could be limited in some existing buildings depending on the layout and construction type of the building.

Wi-Fi has the lowest investment requirement upfront, but is the most expensive to support. Wi-Fi access is the ideal solution for restaurants, coffee houses, book stores, etc. where the coverage area is limited and the average time spent online is low. Wi-Fi solutions are also available with built-in accounting features for those who want to charge the customer for HSIA. Although Wi-Fi equipment and installation is less costly, support costs can run high and is generally not the best solution for hotels when used alone. Wi-Fi signal strength can very greatly with the reception largely dependent upon the guest computer's Wi-Fi adapter. A hotel can have many Wi-Fi access points providing 100% coverage with a strong Wi-Fi signal, but if a guest has a poor Wi-Fi adapter, the hotel will be blamed for the negative guest experience. Also Wi-Fi has a poor security model which is why government employees must use secure hard-wired connections.

Although a hard-wired internet connection provides the best performance, security and most reliable customer experience, many hotels choose to move toward 100% coverage with a cost-effective, “blended” approach towards the industries ultimate goal of both wired and Wi-Fi service. This is usually comprised of hard-wired connections in the guest rooms and Wi-Fi access in common areas such as lobby, pool, restaurant and conference rooms.

For a complimentary HSIA assessment, please email us at or call us today at (520) 844-1138. For Best Western sites, we use SpeedLinks compliant equipment